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As I told you in my latest post, I did a trip to Cologne (for the first time ever)  with my mom last week, for 4 days. It was great. If you read my older post you know that I love Berlin more than I love myself (it's really hard to find something that I love more than myself), but Cologne impressed me big time! All the stores are so huge! There are like 5 H&Ms in the city (ore maybe more?). The city is full of shopping streets and there are so many vintage/second hand stores. I think I've never seen so many places to go shopping in one city in my entire life! SHOPPING, SHOPPING, SHOPPING!!! Ahhhh, I'm addicted! You can imagine I've spent a lot of money at the Catherdal city. I also love about Cologne that it is a vegan-friendly city. There are so many cute vagean coffees and a lot of restaurants sell at least one vegan meal. I also found 2 vegan restaurants in the internet but we didn't ate there. Also the people in Cologne are so nice and friendly, they apologize if you bump into them (not like the people in Berlin who just yell at you and give you an angry look). So Cologne almost beat Berlin. I decided to move to Berlin for a few years first and then move to Cologne until I finally decide where I really want to live.

Mercure Severins Hotel

The hotel was great. The rooms were nice, not to small but also not very big and I reall liked the big photo of Cologne on the wall behind the bed. The bathroom was small but okay and we had Sky Cinema. The breakfast was amazing (a huge selection of buns, bacon, scrambled eggs, meatballs, sausages, baked beans, chees rolls, croissants, muesli, yoghurt, Nutella, jam, cream cheese...) , if I wasn't vegan. But there also were some vegan things (buns, cornflakes, soy milk, beet syrup, vegetables, fruits) and they had a huge selection of delicious juices 87 or 8 different juices) and coffee.
Streets of Cologne

I really liked the street art of Cologne. And it seems like there are a thousand sex shops. Just like there are a thousand shopping streets.

"Dropped Cone"

The famous "Dropped Cone" is an artwork by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen. Oldeburg also made the Inverted "Collar and Tie" in Frankfurt.


The Heumarkt is a beautiful place with a lot of restaurants.

Walters Bimmelbahn

Walters Bimmelbahn drove us through the city (seight seeing) and stopped ate the Chocolate Museum. I really enjoed the ride.

Chocolate Museum

The Chocolate Museum was really interessting. I especially liked to see all the old chocalte designs and the old reconstructed stores.

The Cathedrale of Cologne

I think I've never seen something this big and imposing in my entire life. It doesn't even fit on my photos!

House of Farina

At the House of Farina we did a museum tour (I wasn't allowed to take photos at the museum only at the entrance hall and the shop). I really liked oour gide, he did a great job. I especially liked his accent and he made the tour really interessting. He told as to tell everybody the truth about the "real Eau de Cologne". The I'll share the story of the perfume with you: Farina was an italian man who moved to Cologne. He loved his new hometown, so he named the perfume that he created after the city. Years later, a impostor name rights from another Mr. Farina. Then he sold the name rights to 30 other people who all opened stores and sold Eau de Cologne under the name Farina. The "real" family Farina went to court and fought 80 years until  finally nobady was allowed to sell Eau de Cologne under the name Farina. So the impostor created his own Eau de Cologne and called it 4711. Today everybody thinks 4711 is the real Eau de Cologne and it's world famous. But this is not true ',cause the only real Eau de Colgne is the one from Mr. Farina!
Please, tell the story everbody you know, so all people in the world will know the truth about the real Eau de Cologne in a few years!
4711 House

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