Monday, July 28

deep water, deep soul

                                shirt-Kult, shorts-H&M, west-Primark, shoes-& other stories, earrings-I am, bag-vintage, cigarette-Black Devil, cigarette holder-KDW

shoutout to my mom for doing my hair

I took these photos some weeks ago when my mom and I visited her close friends. They live right at the Main and I totally love how beautiful the lake looks in the photos.
I bought the cigarette holder some month ago in Berlin (just like the black ciagrettes) at a tabacco shop in the KDW. I also wanted to buy another very long, gold one but I had already spent all the money I saved for the trip on other stuff, so I had to be satisfied with only one cigarette holder.
However I don't use the cigarette holder very often (I don't know why, I just always forget it at home), I think it looks great in pictures and gives me a little touch of the 60s and it makes me feel like Audrey Hepburn. I'm thinking about to do a "real 60s outfit post" with the cigarette holder as accesoire.



Sunday, July 27

gold rush


I'm back bitches...

as you can see with a new pair of shoes. It was love at the first sight.
But of course I want to apologize for not blogging for almost 2 month, after I just started a new blog. I was really busy making new friends and keeping up with school (told ya I'm going to a new school, right?). Hope you can forgive me.
Also I have holidays  for 6 weeks now, so I'll have enough time to share my style with you fill your mind with feministic shit.

And tomorrow is Monday so stay tuned for a new outfit post!

Lots of love,   Peppy