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Cologne food guide

Cafe Walter
An der Bottmühle 13

The best cafe ever! It's so cute and I love the atmosphere. It's outlying of the inner city and this is perfect 'cause it's so quiet and comfortable. You can drink Proviant or Fritz limo or some coffee. They also sell vegan cake and they can also make the menu of the day (the day I've been there: fresh salad with blueberries and apples or vegetable stew with carrots and lenses) vegan. Also the staff is very nice and you just feel so homley when you're eating (or just drinking) there. If I'd live in Cologne I'd eat there everyday!

(4 stores in Cologne)

I didn't tried the salad at Supasalad, but they also sell vegan popsicles from "Leck mich Eis mit Stil". They are super delicious!

Gea Eisdiele
Severinstraße 124

The best ice cream parlor ever! It's just as comfortable and homely as Cafe Walter. The owners are very friendly but they don't speak good greman because they are from Italy. But this is not bad 'cause they'll understand you anyway (sooner or later) and you can have nice talks with them anyway. They sell amazing ice cream flavours like Kölsch or chocolate with ginger. But the best about the cute ice cream parlor is: they sell vegan ice cream and it's verrrrryy delicious. They also sell cool vegan flavours shit like lemon with balsamico, lemon with mint, bergamot or pear with white wine. I just tried "normal flavours": chocolate and peanut. It tastes so good.
Antonsgasse 7

I loved drinking delicious ruhbarb juice out of these cool glasses. They also sell good looking (not vegan) sandwiches. They are right at the inner city.
Em Tresörche
An St. Katharinen 2

Em Tresörche is the insider tip of the city. I found it by hazard. I totally fell in love with the atmosphere and the owner is very friendly. The nice guests, the owner and the comfy atmosphere will make you feel like it's your home. It's my favorite bar in Cologne if I just want a nice, comfortable evening. It's not expencive, you can def pay your bills. If you haven't tried it before, you should try "russian snow" and if you don't want something alcoholic you should try a "Rhabanilla", a mixture of ruhbarb jucie, vanilla extract and green tea (seems like everybody in Cologne drinks ruhbarb jucie). And of course you should drink a Kölsch beer.
Hans im Glück
Hohenzollernring 38-40

"Hans im Glück" is the best gourmet burger grill ever! Ans it's super easy to find. It's so full that you only hardly get a table but you can take a seat at the bar or you can reserve a table. The menu is made like a story.  But the best about "Hans im Glück" is that they sell vegetarian burgers and also one vegan burger! The burgers are so big and so delicious..omg I can't handle how delicious they are! Also without fries the burgers will fed you up (but the fries are super delicious too, you should try them). The atmosphere is amazing. The restaurant got somethinf of a club: loud music, too many people and great cocktails. If you eat there in the evening you can order a menu: price of the burger + 7,50 euros. You'll get a burger from your choice, fries (not in the menu, 3,20 euros) and a cocktail (not in the menu 7,80 euros). So this is a great offer.

Hard Rock Cafe Cologne
Gürzenichstraße 8

Nothing better then a Hard Rock Cafe (except a vegan Hard Rock Cafe, tell me if you find one)!

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