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Cologne shopping guide

The Schilder Gasse is the main shopping street. There are all the famous shops like H&M (3 H&Ms or more I think), New Yorker, Tally Wejl, Kult, Bershka, Zara, Gina Tricot, Mango I am, Sixx,,,like everything in abudance. All the shops are soooo big.

Galeria Kaufhof

The bisggest Galeria Kaufhos I've ever seen! Karstadt is really big in Cologne too.

Hahnenstraße 45

Besides the "normal shops" there are a lot of Vintage/Second Hand Shops in Cologne. Subcouture is one of them. You can find some treasures there, but it's really expensive!
Vintage&RagsHohenzollernring 47

I totally love the handmade Vintage&Rags bags. they are made of different old textiles, so every single one is unique. The other stuff you can buy there is very fancy and the prices are okay.

Vintage Emde
Bismarckstraße 56

Vintage Emde is definitely my fav second hand shop in cologne. They have great stuff, totally my style! They also sell shirts from their house brand Vintage Emde.

Modern Vintage
Friesenstraße 16

Modern Vintage was a little bit harder to find that the other stores and the long way wasn't really worth it. It's a really small store. i'M pretty sure you can find some cool things there, but I didn't found anything I wanted to buy.

Zülpicher Straße 6

Entlarvt is my second fav second hand shop in Cologne. The stuff there is so fancy. It's a big store 'cuz if you think it's the end of the store, there is still another room. They sell so many beautiful bags and shoes. Unfortunately the shoes I wanted to buy weren't my size.

Karneval Discount
Hohenstaufenring 66-70

The Carneval Discount is so big just like the rest of cologne! It was 3 floors. Coustumes at the basement, masks and everything else you need to party at the ground floor and craft items at the first floor. I really liked the Pinatas.

Gürzenichstraße 25

Deiters is my fav Carneval shop in Cologne. they sell so many crazy things. Everything you need to dress up. I'm in love!

Galactic Headshop
Maastricher Straße 5

The Galactic Headshop has a huge selection of bongs and they are so cheap!

Ehrenstraße 106

Scale doesn't have such a huge bong selction like the Galactic headshop and it isn't that cheap either, but I like Scale more. They have a bigger selection of other things and the staff is really nice.

Fair 2 me
Limburger Straße 4

A great  store! It sells cosmetics and food and bags. I also found something vegan! And the seller (who only spoke english) was really nice.

English Shop
An Sankt Agatha 41

One of the coolest shops ever! All the delicious stuff which normally is only available in the USA and England is available at this shop. Unfortunelly there's nothing vegan available.

What I bought:

1. top: New Yorker
2. underwear: Gina Tricot
3. kimono: Gina Tricot
4. t-shirt: Vintage Emde
5. bag: Vintage&Rags
6. Kette Vegetable Chips: The English Shop
7a. clapperboard: Deiters
7b. handcuffs and beards: Deiters
8. shorts: American Apparel
9. Camel cigarettes: kiosk
10. piercing: Sixx
11. BIG FAIR BAG, vegan cookies and vegan dark chocolate: Fair 2 me
12. shoes: Zara
13. skirt: Zara
14. 4711 perfume and matches: House of 4711
15. Eau de Cologne Farina: Farina House
16. nipple patches and pants: Tezenis
17. Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt Köln: Hard Roch Cafe
18a. Bong: Galactic Headshop
18b. hash cookies: Galactic Headshop
19. flower-print-pipe, money-print-papes, money-print-tips: Scale
20a. bon smoking games-book: Urban Outfitters
20b. neckholder: Urban Outfitters
21. Proviant lemonade (lemon-ginger): Denn's

I hope you like it! Also decided to upload a Cologne food guide on Sunday!

Love, Peppy


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