Monday, May 5

Hello and Welcome to my new blog!

Hey, hey sweethearts! At first I wanted to say that it's so dope that you found the way to my new blog (especially if you were a reader of my old blog! In this post I'll tell you: why I start a new blog, what you'll find on this blog and other facts about the blog you should know. So let's get started! yaaaaayyyy!!!

Why do I start a new blog?

Well, there are so many reason, but I'll mention the most important ones.

-as you can see I have a new name because I feel like kimsophi is no more
-my personality has changed so much
-I don't see a connection to my old me and my old name anymore
-I'm about to start a new life, go to a new school (again)...
-I'm fvcking older and wiser
-I wanna do a lot of things different then I've done in my life before
-I have different opinions to life, new priorities and new aims
-I know more about life (and fashion)
-I want my new blog to be more professional

This is still a fashion blog so:
-my style has also changed (and it will surely change again an again and again...but I'm NOT goning to start a new blog evereytime, no no, I want to show that change in THIS blog!)

Enough reasons, I think.

Things you'll find on my blog:

-outfit posts/ photo shootings
-lots of inspirations
-my vacations/ vacation tips
-femenistic and body positive shit
-anything else what's going on inside my head (my fav music, my fav shops, my fav models, my fav designers, my fav magazines, every fashion fact I know, everything that inspires me, everybody who inspires me, photos of the internet I like, yadda yadda...)

Tell me what else do you want on this blog I'll check if I want to make it!

Other facts:
-I'll upload a new outfit post every  Monday (to make the worst day of the week a little bit better for all of  us/ I need more structure in my life so I also need structure on my blog)
-I'll upload any other post (things that inspire me, my fav anything...) any other day of the week
-this blog is mainly a fashion blog but it's also about everything else that i like and that inspires me (and it's  feministic)
-I want peolpe to learn something from this blog, maybe change some of their opinions and get inspired
-on my old blog you only saw photos of me and my clothes. How boring is this?!
-my new blog is going to make you feel something

Enough written for one post (don't worry, I won't write so much in my future posts bc I'm not writing a roman you know)!
So, I hope you'll follow my new blog and get inspired!

Wait, is Monday, right? Right! I'll upload my first outfit post today at midnight & everyone of you can get a first impression of what's waiting for you here! xx


  1. i love how you are so all out with this outfit. gorgeous head to toe.

  2. Cool style! Like your jeans and shirt :) M&MFASHIONBITES


Thanks for all the cute comments! Love you xx