Saturday, May 10

Berlin diaries

Hey dolls,

three weeks ago I went on a short trip to Berllin. Last summer I visited Berlin for the first time and I totally fell in love with the capital city. I can't wait to move to Berlin when I'm done with school. The city is so different from the rest of Germany. I don't think that there's a city comparable to Berlin. The people there are different. Most of them are so friendly and you always feel like you're welcome, but almost all of them have a huge ego and that's what I like about them. They're so self-conscious. And I think that has a reason: in Berlin are so many possibilities, it feels like everything is possible. Also there are so many special people and nobody is judging anybody because of the way they dress or something like that. That's huge diefference to my town and to Frankfurt and the rest of Germany.  Especially in my school and all the schools I went to before. All girls there look exactly the same way and everyone is afraid to dress a little different, because you could get juged or even bullied. I already made my own experiences with it, but after all the worries and the pain I've been through because of it, I finally learned not to give a fvck about what others think. I hope everyone out there knows that you only have to be happy with yourself. It dosen't matters what others think!
For a small town girl like me, the city seems so big, there are shops, that you won't find in Frankfurt, the biggest city near me. If I'm looking for a special garment, I travel to Berlin because I won't find it anywhere else in Germany.

I stood at the art'otel. It was really cool. I love the big picture of Andy Warhol behind the bed and also his pictures of Marylin Monroe (one of my idols and the women I admire most). The pictures of Campbells' soup were distributet everywhere in the hotel. Except of the pictures and the hotel bar (no photo available) the hotel was all white and very modern/straight and the bathroom was really small. The breakfast looked good, but since I'm vegan, I coudn't eat anything there expect tomatos and cucumber (but that doesn't matter because I don't think that there will be more vegan food in an other "normal" hotel).

The museum "THE STORY OF BERLIN"  was really interesting. The main attracktion was a bunker guide. I found out that there is no chance to survive in that bunker, 'cause you can only stay 2 weeks down there and you will probably die because of a disease, because to many people woudl live there, it would get too hot etc. Also you have to share too little toilets. I really love the photo of the bathroom and I think it'd be a great place to take photos, but if I'd have to share 90 toilets with about 3000 people, I'd definetly prefer dying immediately.

Oh, I just love The Hard Rock Cafe so much. I could spend every evening there The cocktail was so delicious! Unfotunately I didn't find anything vegan on the menu, but I just love the atmosphere.

& other stories is an amazing store. This shop at the Ku'damm  is the only one in Germany. The clothes they sell are very fancy, I love the underwear you can get there and you can also buy super cool cosmetics.
The week !'ve been in Berlin was the week before easter and everbody who bought something at the shop got a little easter surprise. I got a little body lotion and a little shower gel.

Saved the best until last. The Shit Shop of Bonnie Strange is always a Highlight. Last year I went there I also wanted to buy the shirt I wear on the photo but it was sold out. So I went there this year again and bought it. The shop sells besides the house brand The Shit also cool brandes like Cheap Monday. Plus since a few month you can also get your nails done in a corner of the shop. Unfortunately Bonnie Strange was at the shop one day before I went there. I would have loved to meet the "strange" designer. She's an inspiration and I love her taste in fashion!


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