Sunday, July 27

gold rush


I'm back bitches...

as you can see with a new pair of shoes. It was love at the first sight.
But of course I want to apologize for not blogging for almost 2 month, after I just started a new blog. I was really busy making new friends and keeping up with school (told ya I'm going to a new school, right?). Hope you can forgive me.
Also I have holidays  for 6 weeks now, so I'll have enough time to share my style with you fill your mind with feministic shit.

And tomorrow is Monday so stay tuned for a new outfit post!

Lots of love,   Peppy 


  1. Awesome sandals and super cool pic
    Great work! following

  2. amazing shoes!

  3. very nice shoes!

  4. waaah, liebe die Schuhe!!!


Thanks for all the cute comments! Love you xx